Three Questions

Do you have a story idea that you’re convinced is great, but you don’t know where to start? You can begin by writing scenes, without worrying about where they will fit in the story. It’s better to get started, because if it really is a great idea, everything will eventually fall into place. Directors rarely film all the scenes for a movie in chronological order, because they have to work according to when film locations are available. And when it comes to that movie being filmed in your head, you’re the Director!

Have you just received a rejection, and you’re having a difficult time dealing with it? To keep from slipping into a deep depression, remember that publishers and editors are inundated with manuscripts, and they can’t publish all of them. Rejecting your work involves risk on their part as well, as they may have just turned down a brilliant piece of writing. 

Do you feel like you aren’t making any progress, and want to give up? Although it feels great when you do get published, it’s important that you keep writing when you’re going through a dry spell. You don’t know which short story, article or novel manuscript is going to make a significant difference. More importantly, if writing is your gift, if it’s what your were meant to do, then you need to write.

Keep writing, let the world hear your voice and feel your passion!

J. Paul Cooper



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