Movie Review: The Titan

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched this movie yet, perhaps you should watch it first, and then decide if you agree with my conclusions.

If the movie The Titan was a ship, you’d expect to have a great voyage, and throughout most of the trip it is smooth sailing.

As Simon Sinek implores with the title of his bestselling non-fiction book, Start With WhyThe Titan follows this advice and begins with a solid premise; a heroic attempt by scientists to colonize Saturn’s largest moon, before the human race is completely annihilated by the degradation of the environment.  So now we know why the ship has left port for uncharted seas.

This ship also has an excellent crew. The performances by Sam Worthington, Taylor Shilling, Tom Wilkinson and the supporting crew were excellent. The ship is at sea and the crew keeps it running at full speed. If you were hoping for an exciting passage, you wouldn’t be disappointed;  there is plenty of suspense, action and drama.

Unfortunately, considering how promising the cruise seemed at the beginning, this ship ends up lost at sea. The final scene has Sam Worthington’s character flying naked over Titan’s surface. If it had shown him stepping out of a lander wearing a uniform, ready to start preparing the way for the next group of genetically engineered humans, then the cost and effort of the dangerous process would have made some sense.  Instead, it appears that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent to create a nudist colony for genetically altered humans. A very disappointing ending for a voyage that began with great potential.