Perhaps Now, Is The Time To Start Writing….

Many people are watching movies or Youtube videos, reading books or blogs, to relax and get through the Covid 19 Pandemic. Everyone is, to some extent, a consumer of entertainment. The question is: Do you find it satisfying? If not, it may be that you are a creator and need to express your ideas.  Perhaps, you are a Writer.

If you’ve just finished watching a movie, and immediately think, “wouldn’t if be great if….”, you’re probably a writer. It’s like when an Italian chef smells freshly cooked pasta, and starts imagining all the dishes she could prepare. If your mind is continually thinking of new story concepts, it isn’t something about yourself, that you should ignore.

Why is it important that you write? The world needs YOUR VOICE, because variety is what makes life interesting. Consider how many movies are based on established franchises, with the same themes and characters recycled for another release. Is it possible that you have a story concept that no one has every thought of before, but no one will be aware of it, until you start writing?

The world also needs YOUR PASSION. The entertainment industry has a significant impact on how people think. I remember many years ago seeing a young man walking along a street wearing a long black leather jacket, black combat style books and sunglasses. One glance, and you knew he was a fan of The Matrix series. How do you want to influence the future?

If you find the concept of writing intimidating, start by jotting down the main ideas, writing one scene, or describing a character. The main thing is to overcome the inertia and get started. All short stories, novels, and screenplays begin with an idea, and someone who is willing to start writing.