Marketing Your Writing

How do you get your book or eBook noticed, when self-published books and eBooks are flooding the literary marketplace like a biblical plague of locusts? I self-published an eBook, What If? A Collection of Short Fiction by J. Paul Cooper (ISBN: 9781311893451) through in May 2016.  Here are some of the marketing ideas I’ve used.

Submit an announcement about your book to alumni organizations. Although people are often referring to universities and colleges when they mention alumni associations, schools at all levels have websites dedicated to their former students. If  your post is sent to the former students of your graduating year, it might reach hundreds of potential readers. If your announcement is sent to everyone subscribing to the alumni newsletter, it could be in the thousands. Do an online search for every school you’ve attended and find out how you can make an announcement through their websites and newsletters.

Send an e-mail message to libraries.  As a result of sending over two hundred  e-mails, my eBook is available through Overdrive on eleven library websites:

Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Surrey, Saskatchewan Library Consortium

United States: Los Angeles, Buffalo, Nashville, Lexington,  Hillsborough County and Durham County.

You’ll have to decide whether or not it’s worth the effort. Even though I copy and paste the message, it’s still a tedious, time-consuming process.

Subscribe to Winning Writers. They occasionally send out a list of subscriber accomplishments, but you have contact Winning Writers and let them know about your book or eBook.

Send e-mails to radio shows. In 2001 I had a Young Readers’ Novel published, Fluffy: A Cat’s Tale. I contacted an American radio show and told them about my book.  As a result, my book was mentioned on a nationally syndicated radio program listened to by thousands in Canada and the United States.

Start a blog. If you decide to start a blog it’s going to require commitment, but if you’re willing to write consistently, it’s a great place to announce all your successes.

Open Mic Opportunities.  Public readings are an excellent way to raise your profile and promote you book or eBook. Pubic reading opportunities can be found through libraries, independent book stores and writing organizations.

If you’re writing a book, keep notes of marketing ideas that come to you while you’re still working on the project. It’s encouraging to know you have a plan for the next phase in the process.

J. Paul Cooper


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