The World Is Waiting To Hear Your Unique Voice

Have you ever walked through the woods, or perhaps moved to a new neighbourhood, and heard a birdcall that you’ve never heard before? There may be dozens of other birds calling from nearby trees, but it’s the voice you’ve never heard before that catches your attention.  Writing will allow you to add your unique voice. Whether you’re interested in writing novels, plays for live theatre, screenplays, short stories, essays. non-fiction books, graphic novels, or poetry, you are capable of introducing a point-of-view that no one else can.

The current world population is estimated to be about 7.5 billion, and no two human beings will ever experience life in exactly the same way. We are influenced by family and friends, the cultures we grow up in, the schools we attend,  the books we read, the internet content we absorb, and the deluge of advertising we are constantly exposed to. If you’re tired of hearing the same repetitive, boring messages and half-truths, this is your opportunity to introduce a new perspective.

The world needs to hear your unique voice. It might be that your short story helps a nurse working a twelve hour shift relax during her breaks. If a government official decides to read your essay or letter to the editor to an elected assembly, it could influence the course of a nation.  The next time you watch a movie, take a few moments to watch all the credits and consider how many people were employed, because someone decided to write a screenplay.

Symphonies are composed using only seven notes; just imagine what you can create with words. Let us see what you can do with your voice, your passion.


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